Предварительная программа путишествия к озеру Комо на суперкарах

День 1


Встреча в отеле в Милане и брифинг по поводу экскурсии


Поездка в цетр Como 


Пеший тур по Сomo


Обед в Como

I Tigli In Theoria

La Colombetta

Locanda Barbarossa *

La Vita è Bella


Экскурсия в музей Motoguzzi (lecco)


Lario GoKart Track



Тур в Milano с остановкой у озера


Прибытие в отель и чек-аут



Мы предоставляем:

  •  суперкар (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porche( 
  • до 210KM
  • Рестораны
  • Вход на атракционы
  • Топливные расходы
  • Дорожные расходы
  • Экскурсия с профессиональным гидом  


Вариант 1 - 155KM нажмите здесь, чтобы увидеть маршрут

€1,250 с человека


Вариант 2 – 210KM нажмите здесь, чтобы увидеть маршрут

€1,450 с человека


Для более детальной информации обращайтесь на email info@racinginitaly.com или по телефону  +39-347-3082-656 или whatsapp +38(068)098-86-35

Экскурсионный тур на Ferrari и Lamborghini на озеро Como ,Италия

1 250,00€Цена
    • This is a tentative program. Changes can be made due to weather conditions/availability of the restaurants and the time left.
    • Subject to availability of Hotels and the Race track
    • Including instructor and racing professional instructor.
    • All admission tickets, transports fees, attractions and meals, where indicated are included!
    • Not included are personal treats/ gifts, extra food/beverage and anything else not indicated
    • Dont forget to bring your driving license and passport
    • We can host you in English, Italian, Hebrew and French.
    • The experience and courses fits both men and women
    • The level of the course will be according to the person wills and capabilities
    • Where applicable fits also kids under 18 as co-drivers.
    • Insurance for the cars is included.
    • Travel personal Insurance is a must
    • Onboard camera is included where indicted
    • Including Fuel surcharge
    • Max height 200cm
    • Max weight 120kg
    • Traveler name is required
    • All participants must hold a valid driving license, basic traveler insurance and comfortable shoes.
    • We run all year long at almost every day and time.
    • We will not be able to service the customer in case of hard weather condition like snow, heavy raining or Icy road. In that case we can postpone the service to another day or a full refund will be handed. We run the cars also in light rain and foggy days.
    • Prices are in Euro
    • Deposit of €7,000 is needed for each car
    • Deposit will be made by bank transfer 7 days before the event or by credit card
    • 30% needed to be sent as soon as you have decided to rent the vehicles
    • Rest need to be paid 7 days before the event.
    • €5 for an extra KM.
    • Full name, passport and license numbers of the drivers are needed
    • Price includes full cover insurance for accidents and theft
    • In case of an accident - Customer may be charged partially or full out of the deposit depend on the case.
    • Cars must be stowed in a custodian’s garage – Full deposit will be charged upon theft.
    • Model of cars can vary due to unexpected reasons. In that case Rii will supply a different model with the same level or higher.