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Test drive a Ferrari 458 for as many laps as you wish on a racing track near Milan

Gear up, you are about to set foot in one of the most powerful street cars available today!

Not only to drive it but to actually feel the road handling and accelerate on a racing track in Italy. Listen to the sound of 570 horses calling your name.


•             Individual Drive on a Ferrari 458 on a race track

•             1 Lap to get to know the track on a auxiliary vehicle

•             laps on the Super Car

•             Short Racing course conducted by professional race drivers

•             Race drivers instructor as co-driver

•             Video On board including telemetry data

•             All taxes, fees and handling charges

•             Insurance for the car

•             Including Fuel surcharge


You will be invited to our race track and be welcome by one of our professional race drivers.

You will then get a briefing on the track rules and the car itself

You will also receive a short racing courses to double up your experience and make it more fun (up to you of course). Race lines, braking, turning, clipping and exit points will be presented to you in theory and at the track itself. How to brake, where to brake, how to up and down shift and when to accelerate

1 lap on auxiliary vehicle to you and to your companions to see the track

Then you will be the owner of the car for the next laps, with an instructor seating next to you, implementing the things you have learned at the theory session.


What’s Not Included

•             Hotel pick-up and drop off

•             Any extras


•             Dont forget to bring your driving license and passport

•             We can host you in English, Italian, Hebrew and French.

•             The experience and courses fits both men and women

•             The level of the course will be according to the person wills and capabilities

•             Where applicable fits also kids under 18 as co-drivers.

•             Travel personal Insurance is a must

•             Max height 200cm

•             Max weight 120kg

•             Traveler name is required

•             We will not be able to service you in case of hard weather condition like snow, heavy raining or Icy road. In that case we can postpone the service to another day or a full refund will be handed. We run the cars also in light rain and fogy days.


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Engine: 4.5L V8

Weight: 1465Kg

Power: 570Hp

Max Speed: 325km/h

0-100km/h: 3.4 sec.

Places to Seat: 2

Rear wheel drive


Need more info? Write us an email or phone/whatsapp us at +39-328-5969-126


Test Drive a Ferrari 458 on a Race Track near Milan

Артикул: EX100-3
230,00€ Обычная цена
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  • Type of track: 

    About 50 min from Milan and about 70min from Parma.

    2Km of race track, with lots of turns,16 turns, 450meters straightaway very technical.

    Suits racing bikes, super cars, drifting, light formula and touring cars.


    We run also on other race tracks in Italy. email us for more info and available dates.