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Racing in Italy proudly present the new collection for the upcoming year

Many new products and new attractions to fulfill EVERYBODY dream !!!

Test drive ferrari 458 in italy


We now offer on a daily basis!! a Test drive on either

Ferrari 430 spider, Ferrari 488, Ferrari 458 and Lamborghini Gallardo


  • Briefing

  • Short theoretical racing course (30min)

  • 1 lap of getting to know the track with instructor

  • Onboard camera

  • laps on the selected car as a driver


Price for individuals

2Laps €240 for each participant

3Laps €340 for each participant

For group pricing please ask for price list


Number of supercars available: 4

Type of cars: Ferrari 430 spider, Ferrari 488, Ferrari 458 and Lamborghini Gallardo  ( we will soon have more)

Type of track: Near Milan (not Monza) 3Km of race track, very nice mix of straightaway and turns,11 turns, 820meters straightaway, a fast track.


See more info and photos on here


See full range of our test drive on here



Ever dreamed to participate on a real race ?

Now With Racing in Italy, Special Rally Day you can!


A unique adventure to the wonderful world of motor racing

You will be part of our racing team and participate in several segments where the Italian championship takes place!

If you are an experienced driver or not you will enjoy this day for sure.

You will feel the adrenaline when driving alongside the Italian racing drivers of the Italian championship.

No need for Racing license!

We have several cars at your disposal

  • Ford Cosworth

  • Bmw M3

  • Subaru WRX


These are the dates and places when we run (updates continuously)

  • 3° Rally delle Colline Metallifere on  01-02.04.17 at Siena

  • 29° Rally Tartufo on 23.04.17 at Cueno

  • Rally Valli Vesimesi - 2° Rally Day on 14.05.17 at Trento

  • 32 Rally Bellunese on 21.05.17 at Trento

More  to come soon....

Experience Including:

  • About 50-350Km of road racing

  • Full mechanic support including engine and safety control

  • Engineering – improving engines and body setting  (when applicable)

  • Teaching and helping the drivers to understand the circuit and trajectory.

  • Telemetering/analyzing data and improving the drive

  • Briefing

  • Transportation and accommodation ( Hotel and food)

  • Photo coverage included

  • Trophy is included

  • Certificate and presents

  • Helmets and gloves 

  • GOPro onboard camera.

  • Transponder and timing equipment for lap timing.

  • Hotel accommodation for 2 nights near the event

  • Airport transfer

  • Food and beverage


Price for each participant – €8.000-10.000 all inclusive


See more info and photos on here




7  new super cars for daily rental

  • Ferrari 430 spider

  • Ferrari 488

  • Ferrari 458

  • Lamborghini Gallardo

  • Maserati Quatroporte

  • Ford Mustang cabrio

  • Subaru WRX


All the cars are new with little KM.

Prices vary from €990-€2500 per day.


More info and photos on here



For any other question please don’t hesitate to ask



Sincerely yours,


Oren Shibi

Racing in Italy Team



Test Drive Ferrari 488 in Italy
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